>It was invisible?


SAM: “Well, it was invisible, wasn’t it?”

DANIEL: “No, I couldn’t feel it either.”

SAM: “What?”

BONNIE: “He did this thing earlier where he pressed his face against a door, closed his eyes, and told us what was on the other side. I mean, he could have been making it up, but he seemed very confident. Also the door had a warning sign, so…”

DANIEL: “Did I really look that ridiculous?”

BONNIE: “I’m not going to answer that question because I don’t want to make you feel bad.”

SAM: “So! What’s this weird ESP you’re talking about, then, Daniel?”

DANIEL: “Oh, uh. I can ‘see’ things when I don’t have, er. Line of sight, I think? Like, I know when people are there when I’m not looking at them or they’re too far away to see clearly. And I didn’t detect this robot-thing before.”

SAM: “So it wasn’t there?”

CLARA: “Or intangible.”

ASH: “Maybe we should ask the next one.”

DANIEL: “Are you volunteering to face down the next rampaging robot-thing and ask questions?

ASH: “No. I wouldn’t know what to ask.”

> So, what did Ash and Sam find?