>So, what did Ash and Sam find?


BONNIE: “What’ve you and Ash been doing since you got in here?”

SAM: “This building, or the weird green-sky floating-island place outside?”

BONNIE: “Did you do anything outside the building?”

SAM: “Not really. Just getting out of a weird spherical… prison, I guess.”

BONNIE: “Inside the building, then!”

SAM: “Ash melted a hole through the wall so we could get in.”

ASH: “Yes.”

SAM: “And then we went right. It felt like the right — heh — the right way to go, when you don’t know which way to go?”

ASH: “I thought the way you’re supposed to go if you’re lost is left.”

DANIEL: “Okay, well, we obviously also came through the hole you made. I don’t remember what the map said was right of the entrance.”

SAM: “There’s a map?

DANIEL: “Uh, yeah. What was over that way, anyway?”

ASH: “Locked doors, mostly.”

SAM: “The ‘Briefing’ one wasn’t locked.”

ASH: “There wasn’t anything there, though.”

SAM: “Yeah, it was just a big table, some chairs and stuff. I didn’t know I was expecting anything from a room called ‘Briefing’, but it was what I was expecting.”

DANIEL: “I remember now, that was on the map.”

SAM: “How did I miss the map?”

ASH: “We went the wrong way.”

SAM: “But right is the right way!”

ASH: “Clearly not.”

DANIEL: “Please, not again.”

SAM: “Heh, sorry. So you guys ended up here?”

DANIEL: “Yeah — the security room here seems promising, but the door’s locked, we got attacked by false Bonnie, and then you turned up — thanks for that, by the way.”

BONNIE: “And then we did a recap!”

DANIEL: “Shush.”

BONNIE: “You shush.”

> ===>