ASH: “Everything good?”

SAM: “Yeah, it’s clear.”

ASH: “Okay. Hi, everyone. More weird robot things?”

SAM: “This one looks a bit different. It’s all separated and stuff.”

CLARA: “Have you not seen one of the robots here?”

SAM: “The ones from back in that central area near where we woke up?”

CLARA: “No, no, in this weird green-sky place.”

SAM: “Huh. Is that why that one’s big?”

BONNIE: “I don’t think so. The big one was pretending to be me for a bit.”

SAM: “But it’s huge!

BONNIE: “It wasn’t before. It could shapeshift, I think?”

OMAR: “Yes. The robots each have powers.”

You turn your attention to the robot that, as far as any of you could tell, appeared out of thin air.

BONNIE: “So what was this one’s power?”

> It was invisible?