>Trust the orb?


CLARA: “It says ‘trust the orb’.”

There is a moment of silence.

???: “Oh, is that all? Oh, you must think me just the rudest person!

CLARA: “Bonnie, take this orb and hit it against the wall.”

BONNIE: “What?

???: “Whoa whoa whoa! You might break this container, and that’d be really bad! It’s an important protective container!

CLARA: “Then stop yelling at us for taking a few seconds to respond! And you haven’t said what to do about the supposedly lying words on the walls!”

???: “Well, the Seer could see the future, so he must have set up these words to sow discord among the good guys! He’d know that I’d tell you to not trust his scribbles on the walls, and then he’d write some reverse psychology on the walls.

Clara looks spectacularly unconvinced and a bit cross.

BONNIE: “Look, what reasons have we got for not trusting the orb?”

???: “Yes! Listen to the other one!

CLARA: “Well…”

> You've got the same eye on you as is on the robots.