>Look at the tubes


Hmm. That’s… that’s concerning, especially given what you know about green text.

CLARA: “Say, orb, can you answer a question?”

???: “To the limits of my knowledge, yes.

CLARA: “You said not to trust the green writing, yes?”

???: “The green writing was written by the Seer, to confuse and entrap. Do not trust it. What does it say?

CLARA: “Never mind that. You told us not to trust it.”

???: “What does it say?

BONNIE: “Well, it-“

CLARA: “Bonnie, no.

BONNIE: “Huh? What do you-“

She glares at you, and gestures urgently for you to be quiet.

???: “Tell me what it says. NOW.”

The voice from the orb has taken on another quality, a reverberation.

It’s at the same volume, but the voice is no longer soft. It is no longer human.

> Trust the orb?