>Enter Name.


???: “My name is Leonardo Liguori.”

JACQUELINE: “Ooh. Are you Italian?”

LEONARDO: “Yes. How did you know that? I didn’t know that.”

CLARA: “I think we can recognise accents, but not our own accent. Do you know where I’m from?”

LEONARDO: “Ah… You sound like you could be from… Um. Somewhere?”

CLARA: “Jacqueline said I sounded Spanish, but I don’t think that’s true.”

LEONARDO: “You’re right. You don’t sound Spanish. Um…”

JACQUELINE: “Hey, can we quickly duck into a room, rather than discussing this in a corridor. I don’t want to get incinerated any time soon. I’ll block the door. Where’s that ghost going?”

LEONARDO: “To find the fire guy. I think we should get in the nearest room, though.”

It is unanimously agreed that this is a good idea.


> =->