The room with ‘BURN’ written above it is the closest.

LEONARDO: “What’s your ability, then? Sealing doors?”

JACQUELINE: “It’s manipulating the flow of time, I think. I can’t tell if the ‘door field’ is actually see-through, or just looks see-through.”

CLARA: “Maybe there’s just a delay.”

LEONARDO: “Hmm. Well, what can you do, Clara?”

CLARA: “Make gas. Not especially useful, I know.”

LEONARDO: “Hmm. I can create ghosts. I give them an emotion their actions are based on, and they are loyal to me, but I don’t control or communicate with them.”

JACQUELINE: “And the other guy just makes fire. Does he go grey like you?”

LEONARDO: “I don’t know. When he first attacked me with fire, he suddenly screamed and retreated. Whatever goes wrong with him, I doubt it’s pleasant.”

JACQUELINE: “Ooh. That doesn’t sound good.”

> How do your powers work?