So, why are his hands grey?

???: “I think it is part of an - ah - necessary drawback to my abilities. I think I have observed the fire man’s side-effect too.”

JACQUELINE: “So, your hands are going grey?”

???: “When I make more ghosts. It slowly recedes if I don’t for a period of time. I think maybe all the powers have a side effect. Do yours?”

CLARA: “I don’t know. I don’t think either of us have used our powers lots.”

JACQUELINE: “Is it just going grey?”

???: “I don’t know. They feel a bit numb, maybe. I hope it doesn’t get any worse.”

JACQUELINE: “This place is weird. I think there’s some sinister alien forces at work.”

???: “Well, the BURN person definitely seems to be dangerous.”

CLARA: “Wait, we didn’t get your name. What’s your name?”

This young man sounds faintly Italian, you suppose. What’s his name?

> Enter Name.