>Let's just back slowly away


And then its face starts peeling.

DANIEL: “Oh christ, it’s melting.

“BONNIE”: “Ex-ex-periencing sssome turbulence. R-r-reality Eng-ine holding at… ERROR:DIV BY ZERO.

DANIEL: “Oh, well, that’s just great.

OMAR: “You sure you don’t want me to use the fire?”

CLARA: “No? No. Not unless they’re going to do things that aren’t just standing still and melting.”

DANIEL: “Oh, that’s why that’s familiar!”

BONNIE: “What?”

DANIEL: “Me and Sam met one of the weird tall people, and then all their skin flaked off and they were grey underneath. Kinda like this robot thing. It was a bit less goopy, though.”

> ~==>