>Wait, who are you?


OMAR: “If you’re not Bonnie, who or what are you?

CLARA: “Omar! Careful with that fire.”

‘Bonnie’ doesn’t answer.

[warning: outside interference detected]

[error: verbal processing failed]

<attempting communication>

BONNIE: “Well, I’m not talking, apparently.”

“BONNIE”: “W-w-w-welcome to the ri- l- righ-t-wards fffffffacility.

BONNIE: “Or maybe I am? Wait, pardon?”

“BONNIE”: “T-t-t-t-t-t- we-we are ex-ex-periencing turb. Turb. Turb-u-lence. Pppplease remain s-s-s-seated.

OMAR: “What.

CLARA: “Wait, that’s what this place is called!”

DANIEL: “The Rightwards Facility? What does that mean, then, if this… False Bonnie is talking about that?”

“BONNIE”: “P-please rrrrrremain calm. C-c-c-calm. Calm.

> Let's just back slowly away