The rest of the flesh wicks from the body of the robot-thing, disappearing.

DANIEL: “Still pretty much par for the course.”

“BONNIE”: “It-it-it is recommended-ded that those wishing to [ERROR: DATA LOST] should head f-f-f-for the [ERROR]

OMAR: “Well, that was helpful. Don’t make any sudden moves, false-Bonnie-robot-thing.”

BONNIE: “Not sure it can really hear us?”

DANIEL: “Also, that’s a very unwieldy name.”

BONNIE: “It can be Son Of Daniel, But Cooler!


You briefly contemplate how Daniel hates fun.

[error: shell unresponsive]


???: “They need to be taken back to their seats.

“BONNIE”: “P-p-p-please rrrrremain-n-n calm. Y-you will will will be TAKEN t-to your dddddesignated station and [ERROR].


OMAR: “-what?

> ~==>