>Explain yourself, orb!


???: “Look, I can promise you upon my honour that I am someone like you, someone misled by the Seer into entering the Location.

CLARA: “The Seer led you to the Location?”

???: “Yes! Look, I have nothing to gain from lying to you, so why would I?

CLARA: “I still don’t really trust you. Can you prove anything you’ve said? Or should I just drop you?”

BONNIE: “Clara!

CLARA: “It would probably survive being dropped once. Anyway, your answer, orb?”

???: “Well, no, but - pleasedon’tsmashme - I could provide some information? Do you have any questions? Is there any way I could appear more trustworthy?

The orb, to its credit, sounds pretty scared by the notion of getting smashed.

> Put that thing back in Cold Storage