>Put that thing back in Cold Storage


CLARA: “Okay, firstly, is it possible for us to use the pedestals without you?”

???: “You’d be catatonic and have some very weird dreams. If that’s what you want from it, sure.

CLARA: “This isn’t making me trust you more.”

BONNIE: “What about those questions Anders asked? Or that thing in Anders’s head.”

???: “A thing in his head?

CLARA: “Yeah. He got possessed by something and it asked us a bunch of questions.”

???: “A thing in his head?

CLARA: “What? Why are you shouting?”

???: “No reason. What was the question, again? Possibly number thirteen, if you heard that one?

BONNIE: “You know this person?”

???: “No. But I’m good at guessing.

CLARA: “Uh… ‘Who leads the bricklayers?’ was the question, I think.”

???: “Haha. Wow. What a question.

CLARA: “Don’t get sarcastic with me, you - you lump of glass!

BONNIE: “Stop waving it around! Let’s put the orb thing back on the pedestal in that cold room. It’ll be safe there.”

CLARA: “I am not waving the orb ar-“

> ~=>