>How do we know you?


CLARA: “You said you knew us. Have we met before?”

???: “I looked different then, and the archives of the Location are damaged, they steal the memories of those who enter.

BONNIE: “Is that why we can’t remember things?”

???: “I think so. I don’t have memories myself, so a good deal of this is speculation I have done over the past decade or so.

BONNIE: “Decade?

???: “Yes, I know it’s a crackpot theory created in a hurry, but I’m only someone’s Voice.

Since when is a decade a “hurry”?

CLARA: “So you were captured by the Seer more than ten years ago?”

???: “Well, yes and no. The Location should still be maintaining a consistent chronology, unless it’s been damaged. It should have been twelve or so years, by my count. However, I’m not sure about how that matches up to Earth Crimson.

CLARA: “What?”

???: “I’m not sure. I keep on forgetting things. This voice has no Flesh to hold it, and no Strength to cause change. Things just fall away.

> Who's this evil Seer?