>So wait what are you, little green ball?


Out in the warm, something occurs to you.

BONNIE: “What even is a ‘Voice’?”

???: “It’s the bit of you that does the speaking.

CLARA: “Tongue? Larynx?”

???: “I don’t know! I’d have to have access to the memory pedestal!

BONNIE: “The what, now?”

???: “It’s a place towards the Centre of the Location where some other parts of myself are being kept! If you bring me there, I’ll be able to remember what’s going on, and maybe help you once I’ve recovered more of my personality and self!

BONNIE: “Okay…”

???: “I’m sure the Location has some information on how to get you back home in it somewhere.

CLARA: “Wait, how did you know t-“

???: “Nothing alive inhabits the Location. Anyway, are you willing to take me to the Information Pedestal?

Uh, well…

> How do we know you?