>Is it a good idea to use your powers against this thing?


???: “Maybe it can steal powers.”

CLARA: “We don’t know that.”

???: “But we should be careful anyway!”

CLARA: “Until we know for sure, it’d be unwise to put ourselves at such a disadvantage!”

???: “Well, I’m not attacking it first.”

CLARA: “So that’s just me and Leo then?”

???: “Um, well-“

CLARA: “And I don’t exactly have a very useful power to use against something which probably doesn’t breathe.”

???: “Er-“

CLARA: “And you’ve got the most immediately dangerous power of all of us! You should be helping!

???: “Alright! Alright! Just stop yelling at me!”

Best not to annoy the scary Portuguese(?) woman. Gulp.

JACQUELINE: “Letting go of it in three - watch out for that shard in its other hand - two… one-

Is there time to back out still?


> Can you guys fight?