>Um. Your hand is on fire.


Oh yeah. That.

It was alarming at first, and you’ll be the first to admit that you may have overreacted, but you’ve kind of worked out what’s going on.

You can make fire out of nowhere, but it is weak, and you can’t make much of it. But you discovered, when you first fought the man with the ghosts, that if you reach for fire where there isn’t any left, you peel back your flesh and turn it into flame. It wasn’t very pleasant the first time, but you’re prepared for it now. It’s not like you can’t turn back, after all.

You will save these people, even the ghost guy, from the WARP person. Then maybe they’ll help you escape this place.

Oh, who are you kidding. This field is impenetrable. Fire seems to stick to it.

> Go through the wall!