>Fire guy, are you okay?


No. You are not okay.

The door to your room is covered in a jagged red field, and the room behind is full of flickery, distorted shapes.

You know of the person who makes terrifying ghosts, and briefly saw someone dressed in green.

This must be the doing of the person who was behind the WARP door. What nasty ability do they possess? Hypotheticals run through your brain as you struggle to think of what is going on in there. Did the other people get caught in that field? Are they the flickering shadows in the room? Something horrible is going on, and it may fall to you to stop it.

What manner of WARPing is taking place behind that door? More nasty images crowd your mind.

There haven’t been any more ghosts for a while. Maybe that ghost guy is dead. Or trapped, forever in this fireproof field. Is the WARP person in there? Are they at large?

What are you going to do?

> Um. Your hand is on fire.