>What's up, Clara?


CLARA: “I can feel the surface.”

LEO: “What?”

JACQUELINE: “With your hand? I think we can all do that.”

CLARA: “No, it’s not like that. It’s really hard to express in words! I know where the wall is, even behind me. I can feel it right up until it reaches the other walls, and I know it’s there, even if I close my eyes.”

JACQUELINE: “Is that why there’s gas coming out of the wall there?”

CLARA: “Yes! I thought that I could only do it out of my skin, but I think I can do it from anything I’m touching.”

LEO: “Are you turning the wall into gas?”

CLARA: “I don’t think so. I felt the wall abrading a little, but I think that’s because the gas is corrosive. There’s definitely more gas produced than wall damaged.”

> Fire guy, are you okay?