>Let's make some ghosts!


JACQUELINE: “I suppose we should be prepared for meeting this guy. We need to get as many advantages, as many force multipliers as possible.”

CLARA: “Force multipliers?”

JACQUELINE: “It just feels right to say it, okay?”

LEO: “I should prepare some ghosts, then.”

JACQUELINE: “Yes. Maybe some… uh, cautious ones, or sneaky ones to scout him out, and some violent ones to distract him.”

LEO: “Maybe vigilance? Alertness? I don’t know if that’d work.”

JACQUELINE: “Well, get all the ghosts together that you can. We’re going to try to negotiate, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll freeze him and we can duck back in a room.”

CLARA: “Um, guys?”

> What's up, Clara?