>Enter name.


???: “Clara. Clara Lopes.”

JACQUELINE: “Is that Spanish?”

CLARA: “No. I don’t think so.”

JACQUELINE: “Do you have any memories from before being here?”

CLARA: “Not really. Are you from Britain? I cannot quite place your accent.”

JACQUELINE: “No, but I think I’ve been told that before.”

CLARA: “What can you do? Are you stopping things moving?”

JACQUELINE: “I can make things speed up or slow down. Time manipulation or something. What can you do?”

CLARA: “I can make gas. It is a pretty useless power against someone who can make fire out of nowhere, and someone who can make ghosts.”

JACQUELINE: “Maybe it’s poisonous or something. Either way, I’m sure it’s not useless.”

CLARA: “Thank you. I will - like it says - use my imagination.”

JACQUELINE: “Yeah. What do we do now, then?”

What are the two of you to do?

> Go forth.