>Go forth.


The pair of you cautiously leave Clara’s room.

JACQUELINE: “So, this place is just four corridors that meet at right angles?”

CLARA: “Yes. The bit opposite your room is the only discontinuity. It looks a bit like a door.”

JACQUELINE: “Oh. Should we head there? Is there a way out?”

CLARA: “I don’t know. Don’t think so.”

JACQUELINE: “I think we’ll need to get the ghost guy on side for the door. Maybe the fire guy if there’s no opening mechanism.”

CLARA: “But they’re fighting.”

JACQUELINE: “We’ll need to talk some sense into them, then!”

CLARA: “Um. I don’t feel like rushing into it would be a great idea, considering.”

JACQUELINE: “Well, this place is small enough that we’re bound to run into them eventually, and better on our own terms than by theirs, right?”

CLARA: “I suppose…”

You get the sense that Clara doesn’t much want to be mauled by ghosts or set on fire. But these are trifling concerns. It should be pretty easy to at least get away from these people if the situation turns ugly, right?


> Let's go look at the others' rooms.