You quickly duck into the room round the corner.

???: “Um, you did the thing with the air, making it red, and stopped the phantom. Could you block the door?”

JACQUELINE: “Um, okay. Could you tell me what’s going on here?”

???: “Yes! There is the phantom guy, yes? I saw him for a bit. He makes ghosts. He’s fighting the other guy who does fire.”

JACQUELINE: “Is that where the fire came from?”

???: “Yes. The phantom guy looks like the ghosts, a bit. The fire man is tall and has weird hair.”

JACQUELINE: “Why are they fighting?”

???: “I don’t know.”

JACQUELINE: “Okay. By the way, my name’s Jacqueline. What’s yours?”

What is this young lady’s name?

What are the pair of you to do now?

> Enter name.