The video is choppy, occasionally breaking up, with indistinct movement somewhere in the static.

You see an eye. Maybe a set of glasses? A room?

???: “Maybe it’s a sense of misplaced defiance, that we seek to stretch beyond our means.”

???: “My own–░ ▒░▒▓▒█”

The voice is cool and clear, although often degrading into static. Probably a woman’s voice, were you to guess.

DANIEL: “Wait, I know that–”

BONNIE: “Shh. Afterwards.”

???: “Cronus overthrew his father Ouranos, and was overthrown by his son in turn. The—░▒▒▓█▓”

???: “█▒▓ ░−phenomena. Some of the staff are reporting strange dreams of solving puzzles in bare concrete hallways.”

> ===>