Daniel is prodding at the screen thing.

DANIEL: “I have no idea what this thing is trying to say. Maybe it begins with an ‘l’?”

CLARA: “I don’t think you can rub the distortion off of a broken screen, Daniel.”

DANIEL: “Well, I know that now.

BONNIE: “Wait, are you sure that hole in the wall wasn’t there before? I mean, I didn’t see it earlier, but it could well have been hidden by the island Sam and Ash were on.”

BONNIE?: “Hmm, you might be right. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t there before - above the top row of windows, and so forth, but yeah, I’ve got no way of knowing.

DANIEL: “I mean, the remaining fresh acid stuff tells a certain story containing Ash, at the very least?”

OMAR: “Well, she definitely came this way, and the important thing is now to find Sam and Ash, and keep gathering as many of us as possible. There’s strength in numbers and we still need to work out what’s going on here and, hopefully, how to actually get out.”

> What's with the wall stripes?