>Check out those papers on the desk


It’s Clara who first takes a look at the weird papers.

CLARA: “Hmm.”

BONNIE: “Anything interesting?”

CLARA: “Not sure? I mean, it’s definitely in English, and I understand most of the words, but putting them all together? Bit tricky. Plus, there’s all these black bars over bits of it.”

OMAR: “Are they about anything in particular?”

CLARA: “Well, this one’s called ‘design of the Reality Engine’, and uses the word ‘quantum’ a lot, I guess? There’s some pictures of weird machines, I think, and something like a more complicated version of that three-circles picture from the poster. Fuchsia, Crimson and Scarlet are what they’re called, apparently? Maybe? The labelling’s a bit weird.”

DANIEL: “That’s more of the alternate-Earths names that Archivist used, I suppose? So this place is supposed to be between two worlds, I guess?”

BONNIE?: “Then why is it here?

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