>So what is it, then?


That’s the kind of very good question you have no idea how to answer.

DANIEL: “It looks big and grey and square, so maybe it’s that place where we started? The Location?”

OMAR: “Did we ever leave the Location?”

DANIEL: “Is there actually an outside? That Archivist person was very confusing about some of the weird dimensional alternate-earth stuff.”

BONNIE: “So this place, where we are, is a location that isn’t the capital-L-Location? Maybe?”

OMAR: “That’s kinda convoluted. What about the numbers? And some other symbol I don’t know?”

CLARA: “Mm-hmm. Those sure are some symbols I can’t read from this distance.”

DANIEL: “So, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

CLARA: “Can you read it, though?”

DANIEL: “… no.”

Clara giggles.

CLARA: “But, seriously, where do we go from here?”

> Through one of the windows