>Watch the building coming closer


The building, or whatever it is, approaches. Inexorably.
The noise as it strikes the first of the rocks is tremendous.

You’re Bonnie, by the way. You’re pretty sure you’re real, but you can’t speak for the other version of yourself.

DANIEL: “Oh. Oh no.

BONNIE: “Wait, Sam and Ash aren’t durable and they can’t fly!

You all watch, with a certain level of horror, as the rock fractures.

OMAR: “It’s not… falling?”

BONNIE: “That’s pretty strange, but at least the people on there won’t fall?”

BONNIE?: “Dunno if it’s weird, actually. The rocks are already floating, so why shouldn’t they keep floating?

OMAR: “That’s a very good point, actually.”

DANIEL: “I guess me and Clara are still stuck in the ‘can’t see’ club, then?”

CLARA: “I think I remember having glasses. Did you?”

DANIEL: “No idea. Haven’t been given my memories back spookily, remember?”

You watch a moment more, until you’re sure that you see Ash and Sam moving about, safe, at least for now.

> So what is it, then?