And then its eye/mouth opens.

You may, upon later reflection, remember shrieking a little.

SAM: “What the hell?

ASH: “Ew.”

???: “C. Chhhh.

ASH: “Uh.”

???: “Chharming. Last time a hhhuman saw this. They. Screamed and. Tthhrew their lunch at it.

It speaks slowly, haltingly, speeding up as if it’s barely got the hang of speech. It sounds like its speaking through a mouthful of soggy marbles, but it’s intelligible.

???: “So. I call myself Archivist. This issn’t my usual face, but you briefly saw the Archive wearing it. I… I think you could call me one of the builders of this place. The Location. If my wordsss held any weight, these days, I’d apologise for the inconvenience.

> Are you the reward for the puzzle?