With pretty much everyone gathered, you are now briefly Sam, for simplicity of second-person narration.

ARCHIVE: “In order for many of the repairs I am planning to occur, I need to replace the façade of the Location. It will enable the conservation of power and possible debugging of power sources. Thus, I need to gather everyone to a position where I can… insulate them from the change of façade.

SAM: “Why?”

ARCHIVE: “Data indicates that unprotected humans would not survive the raw concepts of the Location when unconstrained by the façade.

DANIEL: “Doesn’t that imply that you murdered a bunch of people in the name of scientific enquiry, in order to work this out?”

ARCHIVE: “No. I believe it was my uncle who ran the experiments.

DANIEL: “Your uncle? I thought you said you were a computer.”

ARCHIVE: “Yes, but I was created, and my ᴅᴀᴛᴀ ɴᴏᴛ ғᴏᴜɴᴅ creator had a brother. Ms Hallet and Lopes met my uncle, if my surveillance is correct.

BONNIE: “He removed all my blood and then stuck a spike through my head.”

ARCHIVE: “Yes! It was at that point that he was engaged by a rogue shell, and I managed to sneak the pair of you away from the fighting.

DANIEL: “Is that why your eyes look weird?”

BONNIE: “They look weird?”

DANIEL: “They’re kinda… golden? With these cool-looking flecks in and slit pupils.”

BONNIE: “Huh. Cool.”

DANIEL: “Anyway! Distractions aside, where are the other two? Aidan and… Omar, was it?”

ARCHIVE: “Yes! Mr Byrne is partially incorporated into the mass there, and-

SAM: “Wait, partially incorporated?

ARCHIVE: “Yes. Time is somewhat short, but I can work on freeing him when these processes have finished.

SAM: “Can he even breathe?”

ARCHIVE: “At the moment, my information indicates that he does not need to.

Well, that’s kinda reassuring.

CLARA: “But what about Omar? He’s not here, either.”

> Omar: don't let them take you alive!