>Meanwhile again, back where we were...


ASH: “What the hell was that?

ARCHIVE: “That was the aforementioned energetic altercation. It has become far more energetic, all of a sudden. Due to the dropping integrity of the voidwalls, sound is being transmitted between separated chambers.

ASH: “Any more sudden explosions we should worry about?”

ARCHIVE: “At the moment, one of your fellow subjects is overusing their ability, rendering them exceedingly difficult to apprehend, or to bring here without endangering the rest of the subjects. I am attempting to wake my aunt. Hopefully she will know how to solve this problem.

The archive pauses for a few seconds, as if lost in thought.

ARCHIVE: “Are there any questions I could answer, any reassurances I could give, to make you feel more at ease? I am not well-practiced in communicating with humans.

> Your aunt?