>Smash orb, accidentally.


Alas, poor Orb. You knew him, Horatio.

???: “You idiots. You have managed to accidentally murder me.

CLARA: “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!

BONNIE: “Could we put you in the pedestal or something?”

???: “It’s too late for that, my containment’s broken.

CLARA: “Oh no!”

???: “Look, I’m dissipating fast, but I should have enough time to say this. The person who leads the bricklayers is-

And with that, the Voice is gone. You stand there in stunned silence for a few moments.

CLARA: “I-I killed them.

BONNIE: “Look, it was an accid-“

You are cut off by a sudden cracking noise from the other side of the room, followed by a hacking cough.

And then, laughter.

???: “Heh heh heh.

> Oh no.