>Have a sit down!


DAVID: “Ash, are you alright?”

ASH: “I. Ah. Sit down.”

DAVID: “Okay, do you want a h-AGH!

DAWN: “What’s wrong?”

DAVID: “I-I know what’s wrong with her?”

DAWN: “What is it, then?”

You try to sort through the blur of images that fill your mind.

DAVID: “It’s a thing. It’s from the same place the powers come from, but it’s different…”

ASH: “Descriptive.”

DAVID: “It’s hard to explain, okay? It’s like there was a thing that gave us powers, or something that powers fell from or something, but then there was kind of a thing that was maybe the same thing that… erm… I’m explaining this badly, aren’t I?”

DAWN: “You’re getting nowhere fast. What was that you said about powers?”

DAVID: “Oh yes! It’s like when there’s a power, there’s things that stop you overusing something, and powers are dangerous to…”

That’s quite enough of that.

ASH: “…To what?”

DAVID: “What?”

DAWN: “…”

DAVID: “What? Why are you two looking at me like that?”

ASH: “Th-that’s worrying. Ach. Acid in my mouth. Dawn, I strongly suggest that you stop using your power. David was saying something about them being dangerous if you use them too much.”

DAVID: “I said what? When?”

DAWN: “Just now! You did something and then you said you knew what was wrong!”

What’s even going on?

> Dawn. Now would be a good time to stop using the powers.