ASH: “The man with words said something about a door.”

DAVID: “An exit? That’d be great, but I though Dawn said this place is sealed.”

DAWN: “That just means I didn’t notice the exit because it was sealed.”

ASH: “There is a door. The man with words saw it. He tried to explain it to me.”

DAWN: “What? He just spoke weird whispery words in my head and made me use my power until he couldn’t see me and the effect was broken, then I ran away.”

DAVID: “What’s even going on here. Like at all. What are these powers, where did they come from, and what are we here for?

ASH: “No-one knows. Our memories are gone.”

DAWN: “Are you sure? I mean, I knew that David here was from South Africa, and I kind of know where you’re from… um…”

DAVID: “England?”

ASH: “No.

DAWN: “Maybe? I don’t know? Is it in the same area, like America is for me?”

ASH: “Very different. What will we do about the door?”

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