Ow. Ow ow ow. Everything hurts and your face and hands are still prickling.

CLARA: “She’s awake! I think she’s awake!”

JACQUELINE: “I want to go back to sleep.”

CLARA: “You sort of fell over and started growing…”

LEO: “I’m not sure what those are. Coral?”


OMAR: “There’s weird twitching whiskers, too.”


OMAR: “Kind of on your hands. And your face. It’s crumbling away, though!”

JACQUELINE: “I saw something when I was out.”

CLARA: “Oh?”

JACQUELINE: “I’m not sure what, though. I can’t remember. I knew a second ago.”

LEO: “And now you don’t?”

JACQUELINE: “Leo, why are you completely grey?”

LEO: “I did my puzzle when you were out. Cost me all my colour and some of my tangibility.”

JACQUELINE: “Tangibility?”

LEO: “I can pass through things now.”

JACQUELINE: “Oh. Right. Has my puzzle at least been solved?”

OMAR: “Yes. There’s a tick, and your symbol has lit up. Leo’s too.”

You’d say this day was a weird one, if you had any other days to compare it with.

You still feel like you’re forgetting something important…

> Jacqueline: examine side-effect.