>Enter name.


He looks distinctly uncomfortable for a few moments before telling you his name.

???: “My name is Omar Waseem. What are the answers to these puzzles?”

CLARA: “Mine is just a pressure, so I’ll have to put my hand over the opening or something. Yours is just a very high temperature.”

OMAR: “Oh. Right. I’ll go last, then. So you can all stand back.”

CLARA: “I think Jacqueline would want to go first.”

JACQUELINE: “What does ‘T1/2’ mean?”

CLARA: “t½ is half-life. I think that the little lump of metal in the glass box is radioactive.”

JACQUELINE: “So, I’ll need to speed up this thing so two years passes? That’s… a long time.”

CLARA: “Maybe you’re supposed to get rid of it completely. That would take… uh… about a decade? Fourteen years to reduce it to less than 1%, but maybe that’s not enough.”

LEO: “Why do you know so much about radioactivity?”

OMAR: “Yeah, why is that?”

CLARA: “Uh… I don’t know.”

JACQUELINE: “Hmm. Is a better question to ask why we don’t know anything much about radioactivity, while she does.”

> Jacqueline: speed like you've never speeded.