CLARA: “I didn’t see those cubbyholes before. I think the robot-things came from there.”

JACQUELINE: “Yes let’s ‘BEGIN’. Unless there’s more horrible puzzles involved in which case we’ll stay here and starve or something.”

LEO: “Okay, so that thing looks like the puzzle from my room, somewhat.”

CLARA: “Same here.”

JACQUELINE: “Not quite like my puzzle. I guess there isn’t much space. What about yours, um…”

???: “Yes, it does.”

JACQUELINE: “Actually, before we do anything, what is your name? You know all of ours.”

???: “Er, well, I… um.”

What is this young pyrokinetic’s name? He sounds like he’s from somewhere in the Middle East, but you’re fairly sure that isn’t a country.

> Enter name.