>Down with the door field.



???: “You stop!”


???: “You heard me!”

JACQUELINE: “I’m not doing anything.”

???: “You trapped these people in here with your WARP powers!”

Uh oh. This guy is going to take a lot of convincing.

JACQUELINE: “Okay. What do you think ‘WARP powers’ do?”

???: “The red fields. Things inside them flicker and distort. You were doing that!”

JACQUELINE: “Wait… distorted?”

That throws him a little. He blinks at you for a bit before answering.

???: “You know, flickery. Lots of pointy angles, like the fields.”

JACQUELINE: “I think the light acts oddly in my fields. No-one was warped.”

???: “What do the fields do, then?”

JACQUELINE: “Um, slow down or speed up time.”

???: “You’re lying.”


???: “You just want me to think that you’re all harmless and nice. But yours was the last room open, and it’s the only one that is on the other side of the corridor. You’re the enemy!

JACQUELINE: “No! I’m not!”

???: “Prove it!”


???: “Hah!”

> <Θ>