>Let's try for the peaceful route.


Okay. This may be dangerous.

It’s already dangerous, Jacqueline. You’re aware of the danger.

JACQUELINE: “Okay. Clara, can you feel the front wall from there?”

She closes her eyes and concentrates for a moment.

CLARA: “Yes, I can. It was slow at first, but it has spread to cover this room.”

JACQUELINE: “Good. I’m about to let him in. When I d-“

LEO: “What? He tried to set me on fire! No way we’re letting him in!”

JACQUELINE: “Do you want to hold the door instead of me? Because my eyes are having trouble focusing at the moment. I don’t want to push myself further.”

LEO: “…”

CLARA: “So, what’s the plan? I gas him?”

JACQUELINE: “Only if we can’t get him to see reason. Leo, how quickly can you make ghosts?”

LEO: “I can make two in about three seconds, if I’ve got them prepared.”

JACQUELINE: “Well, get them prepared. As if you won’t have any time to make any more.”

LEO: “Okay. Anger?”

JACQUELINE: “Hmm. I’d want them to be protective, in case he gets a shot in before we can talk to him. Get a bit out of sight, too, so he doesn’t see you.”

LEO: “Okay.”

JACQUELINE: “Ready, everyone?”

CLARA: “Ready.”

LEO: “Ready.”

JACQUELINE: “Okay. Three. Two. One…”

> Down with the door field.