>Examine puzzle.


This thing is stupid.

The way you think it is supposed to work is as follows:

  1. Press button.
  2. The end of each chute opens at once, releasing a ball into each.
  3. Each ball rolls down the differently angled slopes.
  4. If the balls hit the lines at the same time, the thing is activated and the door opens.
  5. Hopefully there are no more puzzles ever.
  6. Find out what a ‘stiff drink’ is, and then have one.

But the stupid thing is faulty or badly designed or something, because the slopes are at different angles, so the balls reach the lines at different times, so the thing doesn’t work.

You’ve tried pressing the button twice in quick succession, but there only seems to be one ball per chute. They fall into little holes at the end, there’s a clunking noise and then quiet until you press the button again.

You can’t access the chutes because they seem to be behind some sort of very thick glass, which means the puzzle is basically unsolvable. You have something very rude to say to the sadistic twit or twits that designed this place.

> Um, think very hard at it, try to make something happen.