Dr Hemsley steps out of frame, and the camera rotates until a large, well-lit room comes into view.

HEMSLEY: “Here it is. As an object, it appears to be made of a dense tungsten alloy, but our attempts to determine its composition have been stymied by its indestructibility – the only known example of a nonhuman, primary-powered entity. It was found in rocks that have been radiometrically dated to four hundred and fifty-seven million years before present day, in shales containing fossils from the period of the Cambrian Explosion, indicating that it was placed at the bottom of a shallow sea, covered up by the sediment that became the stone. So, where did it come from? Who or what placed it here? As far as anyone in the Syndicate has been able to determine, this is a genuine artifact – a ten-tonne obelisk from a period of time when the largest animal in the world was maybe a few feet long.”

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