>Are you sure you can break security glass?


As it turns out, no!

BONNIE?: “Holy ████ on a ████ sandwich, that ███████ ███████ ████ with a ████! That hurt like ████!

What’s strange about this is that she’s not saying words, just making loud garbled noises that sound a bit like words, and in the place of words? They’re definitely not the kind of sounds a human throat could make.

BONNIE: “Wait, what are you saying?”

BONNIE?: “Fffffff-what?

OMAR: “How did you make those noises?”

CLARA: “Does this mean she’s not the real Bonnie?”

BONNIE?: “What, ████?

CLARA: “Yes! That! That weird, really loud, inhuman noise!”

DANIEL: “… Yeah, that’s a good point, Clara. Unless the other Bonnie can also say weird words?”

BONNIE: “Not to my knowledge?”

BONNIE?: “Well, uh, you know, when you… stub your toe, or hurt your arm punching a window, you might say words, and I think this place, the Location, it, um, censors it?

BONNIE: “What, like ‘fuck’?”

BONNIE?: “Oh ████ you can say ████.

> ~==>