OMAR: “Why these numbers in particular?”

DANIEL: “Call it a hunch, I guess.”

Nothing happens.

DANIEL: “Darn, that’d have been cool if I’d just known the code.”

BONNIE?: “I mean, how many combinations could there be, anyway?

???: “There are ten thousand 4-tuples of the numbers zero to nine.

There’s a brief moment while that information sinks in.

DANIEL: “Do any of you know what a ‘tuple’ is?”

BONNIE: “Nope. But if there’s ten thousand possible codes, I don’t think we’ll be able to simply guess it.”

DANIEL: “No, I think it’s weird that the word ‘tuple’ just came up randomly. What’s even happening?

???: “It must be connected to your lost memories.

Daniel has a think about it, and seems to calm down.

DANIEL: “I think I must have heard it sometime before I lost my memories. Yeah, that sounds right.”

BONNIE?: “Fair enough, I guess.

> Are there footprints? Signs that Sam and Ash have been this way?