>Let's continue figuring out who's the real Bonnie


BONNIE: “I mean, I don’t remember this happening, so I’m not from the future?”

BONNIE?: “Me neither.

OMAR: “Um, guys… ?”

DANIEL: “Hmm. What’s your first memory?”

BONNIE: “Waking up in that grey, square room?”

BONNIE?: “Yeah, same for me.

CLARA: “We should probably question them separately if we’re going to question them? Otherwise they can just compare answers.”

BONNIE?: “Yeah, that’s fair.

DANIEL: “What if… What if when Bonnie grew her arm back the first time, another Bonnie grew back from the arm?”


BONNIE?: “That sounds kinda gross.

CLARA: “Would it even work? That might mean that every time you, I dunno, lose a hair or something, you’d grow a new Bonnie. That hasn’t been happening, though, so I’m not sure.”

DANIEL: “Huh. Maybe we can test it?”

BONNIE?: “Yeah, no. Thanks, but no thanks.

OMAR: “Look! Are none of you seeing this?

CLARA: “Seeing what?

> ==~>