CLARA: “Wait, if you’re the same person from different times, surely one of you remembers this already happening?”

BONNIE: “Oh, so you’re the one from the future!”

BONNIE?: “Ah. That was, er, what I was about to say.

BONNIE: “Aw dang.”

CLARA: “I mean, it was a good theory while it lasted.”

A moment of quiet contemplation passes.

BONNIE: “Huh. What’s that?”

DANIEL: “What’s what?”

BONNIE: “A noise. Probably just the fire over there dying down.”

BONNIE?: “So what’s up with that fire?

BONNIE: “Omar, probably. We saw a spooky skeleton monster in there, but… I think that might be a ‘side effect’ thingie? I don’t remember if he told us what that was, for him.”

CLARA: “Yeah, I was in his, um, starting group? That sounds like him.”

BONNIE: “Oh, cool! Well, once he cools off-


BONNIE: “Hush, you. Once that happens, then… wait! There’s that noise again!”

> Introduce Daniel, But Cooler to the group