DANIEL: “Oh? More people, and not people arriving via firey explosions. Weird, isn’t it, Bonnie?”

She doesn’t reply.

DANIEL: “Bonnie?”

BONNIE: “Daniel. Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

DANIEL: “Erm, no? They’re too far away to see clearly.”

She squints at you for a second.

BONNIE: “Whatever’s wrong with your eyes aside, I don’t recognise who that person with Clara is.”

DANIEL: “Well yeah, they’re too far away to see properly.”

BONNIE: “Daniel, I’m being serious! I don’t know who they are!”

You sigh inwardly, and reach out with your… telekinetic sense? It probably has a fancy name, but you don’t know it. Maybe you could invent your own fancy name for it?

Either way, you can extend your perception, get a sense of the shape and position of objects. About the only thing you miss with it is colour.

> -=≃>