>Go towards explosion


DANIEL: “That’s a terrible idea!”

BONNIE: “Wait, why?”

DANIEL: “Because, over there, things are on fire! And how are we even going to get over there?”

BONNIE: “I mean, we could see about going over this black stringy stuff? But I thought you said you could fly.

DANIEL: “I mean, yes, but…”

BONNIE: “Also, that’s purple fire, so it’s probably Omar! He’s a friend, and if not a friend, probably a friendly acquaintance?”

DANIEL: “Yeah, but then couldn’t he come to us?”

BONNIE: “We want to get away from the robot thing, remember? Why do you- hmm.

DANIEL: “Hmm?”

BONNIE: “Are you scared of heights?

DANIEL: “What? No! I mean, I might be, but I can’t remember, so-“

He is cut off by the sound of another explosion.

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