DANIEL: “You’re kidding.

BONNIE: “What? Nah, of course we can make it over this thing - it’s like ten feet wide.”

DANIEL: “I have no idea how strong it is, though.”

BONNIE: “It’s holding these floaty island things together, how weak could it be?”

DANIEL: “Look, I’ll just- I’ll just fly us over.”

BONNIE: “You can fly? That’s so cool!”

DANIEL: “Yes it is, but that’s not the point. You think the rest of us are in these structures on the islands?”

BONNIE: “I mean, it makes sense! I was up in that cupola thing - and where did you wake up?”

DANIEL: “In a box.”

BONNIE: “Aha! Then that pyramid thing would maybe be like where you woke up, and-“

> -=>