>Set a good example.


BONNIE: “Maybe we should give the robot a name.”

???: “Maybe we should give the robot a name.

DANIEL: “Really?

BONNIE: “Yeah!”

???: “Yeah!

DANIEL: “You’re - heh - forgetting that between us, we know a grand total of twelve names. No more.”

BONNIE: “I’m gonna call it ‘Daniel, But Cooler’.”

DANIEL, BUT COOLER: “I’m gonna call it ‘Daniel, But Cooler’.

DANIEL: “No you aren’t, you ass. Why don’t we call it ‘robot’ or something simple like that?”

BONNIE: “You’re no fun.”

ROBOT: “You’re no fun.

BONNIE: “See, it agrees with me!”

ROBOT: “See, it agrees with me!

DANIEL: “You know I can see you when you wave your hands around so the robot does behind my head?”

ROBOT: “hello Daniel I can see you