>Hopefully this isn't one of those deadly falls I've heard so much about.


While plummeting, your life flashes before your eyes.
Given that your only memories start a couple of hours ago, when you woke up in your Location-room, it doesn’t take as long as you expected.
You are interrupted from wondering about how painful it will be to survive this, however, by the fact that you stop falling.

While some forgotten part of your brain reminds you that ‘it’s not the fall that kills you, but the sudden stop at the end’, what your brain doesn’t know is that the principle only applies if the acceleration isn’t uniformly and telekinetically applied to every part of your body at once. Were it not for that, you would have been worse off than if you hit the ground below - a telekinetic ‘surface’ is far less yielding than an imitation of stone. It would have been survivable - very little isn’t, these days - but it would certainly have stung somewhat.

You don’t actually realise how lucky you are.

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